Remembrance Day remembered

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Lest we forget.

The contribution of Leasiders to both World Wars and the wars since then is well-documented, and we have written about these heroes before in Leaside Life. Last year, for instance, heritage columnist Ted DeWelles told us about a special tribute to the 18 young Leaside servicemen killed during World War II: the Leaside Heritage Preservation Society’s (LHPS) first-ever Remembrance Day Walk.

In this issue, Ted shares a very special story of two young airmen shot down over Belgium during World War II. Their sacrifice in itself is notable but equally notable is what happened afterwards. “As their plane plunged to the ground, the crash was witnessed by local resident and Belgian resistance fighter Albert Adans. After the war, Adans – moved by the courage and sacrifice of the doomed air crew – vowed to keep their memory alive,” writes Ted.

And for the past 72 years, that’s just what’s happened. Each year the townspeople gather to celebrate and remember the two Leaside airmen and their sacrifice. Read Ted’s article to learn more about this very personal and moving tribute.

Elsewhere in this issue we feature the groundbreaking work of Sunnybrook Hospital’s Focused Ultrasound Essential Tremor (FUS) team. These specialists are making a huge difference in the lives of many living with essential tremors.

I’ve seen their achievements firsthand. Our friend Steve, a former set builder, was sidelined by this condition until he heard about the work of Dr. Nir Lipsman. Steve went in for out-patient surgery at Sunnybrook on a Tuesday. By Saturday, when he came over for dinner, he was tremor-free. Truly remarkable!

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