Golf the world right in Leaside

Golf 247 co-owners Adrian Saul and Dan Finkelstein at the entrance on Lea. Photo Janis Fertuck.
Golf 247 co-owners Adrian Saul and Dan Finkelstein at the entrance on Lea. Photo Janis Fertuck.

Hey, Leaside golfing enthusiasts! How does the idea of enjoying a game on a variety of courses around the world without ever leaving the neighbourhood sound, especially on those days when there isn’t even a blade of green to be seen on which to golf?

Leaside golfers now have a new way to enjoy their game on a variety of courses without braving inclement weather. Golf 247, a fully automated golf simulator facility that opened at the corner of Laird Dr. and Lea Ave. last March may just fulfill golfers’ yearning for some putting action.

The owners, Dan Finkelstein, who used to run a law firm, and Adrian Saul, who played hockey for the Leaside Kings as a boy and had a pro career overseas, were inspired by their passion for golf and golf improvement to try something different. 

“We designed a facility to significantly help a player to figure out how to enjoy the game more,” said Dan, and to do so in private in their playing bays. When the property across from Olde Yorke Fish and Chips became available, the partners seized the opportunity since they love that busy and popular location. They also opened a second location in Brooklin near Whitby in July.

The entire facility uses AI. It has three large, private bays where golfers can practise using high-end analytical tools and can access about 700 different courses in stunning HD. Some of the most popular courses – no surprise – include Augusta, Cabot Cliffs, Pebble Beach and Eagle’s Nest. Dan explains that the courses have been recorded using drones “to perfectly capture the exact golf courses to a tee (no pun intended)” and their software constantly updates them.

When golfers book a private bay, they receive confirmation, instructions and a cloud key on their phones, which will not work after the session ends. There are cameras throughout the facility and “the computers understand the booking sheet and act accordingly,” says Dan.

Up to four players can take part in a session, the length of which may vary. For example, it takes about three hours for a foursome to play Augusta.

Finkelstein teeing off on the 12th hole at Augusta. Photo Janis Fertuck.
Finkelstein teeing off on the 12th hole at Augusta. Photo Janis Fertuck.

Another feature of the facility is the availability of lessons offered by two CPGA-certified golf pros. According to Dan, the pros are very talented and have helped many players to improve their games already. 

They offer a promotion of 35% off the first lesson, which is run in collaboration with a Leaside real estate agent, Sarah Underhill, who is an ardent fan of Golf 247. Sarah has stated on Instagram that she prefers lessons in the privacy of the bays to help her build her confidence. Lessons are also available in packages of five. 

In addition, it is possible to purchase a membership, which lowers the regular hourly rate for a small one-time fee. One aspect of their facility which sets them apart from other similar facilities is a promotion linked to the Stanley Cup. If someone correctly picks the Stanley Cup winner when becoming a member, all their booking fees between April 15 (when the playoffs start) and the following April 14, will be refunded. It is also possible to purchase gift cards online.

The facility appeals to every age group and children especially enjoy the technology aspect of the facility. Several sports figures, such as former Leaf Darcy Tucker and Bryan Hayes from TSN, are regulars. While the mornings are a bit quiet, the afternoons and evenings are very busy. The popularity of the club supports Dan’s belief that “golf is a key life lesson” and Leasiders are eager to embrace that philosophy. Time to tee up!


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