articles and come to me as a conduit to our great team of writers. Many times, they say thank you for providing useful info or shining a light on hitherto unknown corners of Leaside. They’re not always complimentary – sometimes we are scolded for tone or what the reader sees an undue emphasis on a negative feature.

Recently, we received a letter from Anne Frank about Geoff Kettel’s column on the Bayview streetscape:

“In reference to the informative article by Geoff Kettel, I have a question. First of all, I am very impressed with what the Bayview streetscape has become. The trees are growing and beginning to provide shade to shoppers. The flower boxes are beautiful. The whole street is becoming super-inviting! I was also very happy to see the construction of the two parkettes with benches and planters on both sides of Millwood.

The ‘standing screens’ are fabulous.

“My question is this. When I first witnessed the construction, I was under the impression that a tree would be planted in each of those boxes, both east and west. 

Perhaps this is still a plan for the future?”

To answer this question, we went to the Bayview Leaside BIA coordinator Henry Byres. “Regarding the parkette planting beds, I wasn’t with the BIA when they were first designed, but I can’t recall ever seeing a planting plan that included trees (just shrubs and perennials).”  

But the plan is for more shrubs and perennials and possibly more pollinator plants, which would be a welcome addition.

So, please do keep reading – and reacting. We love to hear from you.