Dymond Family inspires neighbourhood with optimistic art

Rainbow signatures at the Dymond family house.
The optimistic rainbow the dymond Family made for Leaside.
The optimistic rainbow the Dymond family made for Leaside.

From the Dymond Family

Dear Leaside friends and neighbors,

In light of the COVID crisis, we felt that Leaside could use something to help us feel optimistic and make our neighbors smile. Many kids around North America have started drawing rainbows to signal the hope they have for a better world. This weekend the Dymond kids created their own giant rainbow for Leaside (with a “little” help from Mom)! If you feel like taking a walk past 1 Rolland Road, pack a sharpie, sign our rainbow and feel free to take a fun picture and tag it on Instagram as #Leasiderainbowofhope! Our goal is to get 100 signatures!! In case you don’t have a sharpie, we will put a few in our mailbox, but please bring some hand sanitizer, and/or wash those paws before and after your walk!