Curling Club averts the loss of its bar

Curling club

The curlers at the Leaside Curling Club (LCC) — 950 members in total— haven’t gone thirsty this season after all and a crisis has been averted.

The city notified the club’s board in October last year that it no longer wanted to be in the bar business; either LCC could take over operations of its bar or the city would contract out to a third party.

The board spent the summer worrying a solution wasn’t to be and there would be a loss of the time-honoured tradition of the winning team buying a beer for the losers: a calamity.

LCC’s board elected to run the bar themselves and worked out an agreement with the city that pays the municipality a percentage of sales.

Peter O’Neil, LCC’s marketing and communications person, says “The city was more than fair” about the entire process.