Yearly home values up 8.14% for 10 years

Over the last 10 years Leaside homes have averaged an annual return of 8.14 percent. These are great numbers and the distinct lack of inventory has helped keep the values up.

Leaside has averaged 220 homes sales per year over the last 10 years. So far this year, as of early December, we have only had 157 sales.

Meanwhile, semis are the story again this month. The two new ones on Rumsey near Trace Mane Park sold for record numbers, over $1.6 million.

Two extensively renovated semis in North Leaside sold for $1,230,000 and $1,263,000. They set new value ceilings in the neighbourhood.

Additionally, two 30-foot lots were sold in North Leaside, one for $1,345,000, which took 10 days to sell, and one for $1,395,000 which didn’t even last a day.

Jethro Seymour is a broker at Johnston & Daniel. All figures are from the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service.