Wife agrees: It’s real Indian food

“I eat Indian food quite a bit, as my wife is Indian, and so was not sure what to expect from Kamasutra,” said Nicolas Lemond.

Not to worry.

“I really enjoyed our meal and would go back again,” he said.

Fortunately he was there (1522 Bayview) with his wife, Darlene, for an accurate second opinion.

“I would highly recommend Kamasutra for authentic Indian food that has a touch of creativity to it,” she said.

A final opinion: “I will definitely go back,” said their Bayview Ave. neighbour Karen Spencer.

They were not only happy, they had special favourites, except Nicolas, who couldn’t seem to make up his mind about two things.

Karen Spencer, left, Nicolas and Darlene Lemond.
Karen Spencer, left, Nicolas and Darlene Lemond.
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“For dinner by far my favourite was the Bombay bakra lamb. It was deliciously cooked in a sauce with onions and red peppers. The meat was very tender and the curry worked really well with the pulao rice,” he said. “It was a little spicier compared to the other dishes and the rice was able to neutralize the dish to let me really enjoy the flavour.

“My other favourite was the garlic naan. There was enough for all of us and the naan was light and had a butter garlic flavour. By far my favourite part of the meal. I think I could have eaten the garlic bread as my main.”

Darlene: “The chicken tikka masala was by far my favourite dish. It was cooked with chicken breast that was juicy and tender. The curry was creamy and had a great spice to it. At one point I found myself just eating the curry with naan, it was that heavenly.”

Spencer: “Loved the chicken pakoras, and the vegetable samosas.”

Darlene: “While we waited, we were served a free garlic bread to get our taste buds ready. We also had a serving of crispy papadums, a lentil wafer that is usually served with drinks, that were crisped to perfection.

“We decided that the best option was the meat thali for three, which allowed us to try out a little bit of everything: a medley of Indian favourites, a juicy potato samosa that was perfectly seasoned with just a hint of garam masala, chicken and brie pakoras.

Nicolas: “I really liked the brie pakora, which was not a traditional Indian appetizer, but it worked. Dipped in the tamarind chutney it was delicious. I am generally not a fan of potato samosas, but found the samosas we had delicious. They had a great seasoning and were not oily.

“I found the portions for appetizers were really good, given there were three of us sharing.”

Darlene: “Dinner was served in bowls, and consisted of two vegetarian and two meat options. For vegetarian we opted for dal makhani, a creamy black lentil dish.

“We had asked for it to be a bit spicier and found the flavour to be creamy and spicy at the same time.

“The aloo gobi was a mix of potatoes and cauliflower mixed with spices like cumin. It was a good mix of flavours and a tasty way to eat your veggies.

“For the meat selection we had a chicken tikka masala, an authentic alternative to everyone’s favourite butter chicken, and Bombay bakra which was a succulent lamb curry. The lamb had peppers and onions in it and was a tender melt-in-your-mouth dish.”

Nicolas: “I am not a big fan of vegetables, but really liked the dal makhani and aloo gobi vegetable dishes. They were seasoned in cumin and garam masala and that made an ordinary cauliflower taste very good.

“At the end of the meal we were all very full, but had a lot of leftover food, that we took to go.

“We looked at the dessert menu which included a selection of both traditional Indian dessert like gulab jamun and Canadian favourites like cheesecake and ice cream. However we all agreed that if we ate anything else our pants would burst.”

Darlene: “Kamasutra is a fine dining spot, so prices are in line with that. If folks were looking for a more affordable option, the website showcases a lunch menu at very affordable prices.”