Where’s the enforcement?!

Speed signs in Leaside.
Speed signs in Leaside.

As you might expect, most Leasiders, when they contact the LRA, do so to ask for information or advice on local planning or traffic issues. 

The runner-up topic? You guessed it. Not enough enforcement! Residents complain about a growing lack of enforcement of our bylaws and signage, which only encourages further problems and repeat offences. 

They are frustrated by the police generally ignoring traffic speed limits on residential streets. They have noticed that where there is construction or renovation, Leaside’s sidewalks are often blocked by building materials. How about so-called tree protection fencing on construction sites which clearly does not protect the trees from piles of bricks or other debris? What about noise bylaws? And signs left behind at roadwork projects finished months ago? What about drivers who ignore “one way” signs?

Rules and bylaws only have value if they are enforced. So, keep reporting them. Leasiders are noticing!

Where’s the update?

I have no update (yet) about the electrical/roadway construction project soon to be underway in Leaside, apparently needed to supply our electrical system for the Metrolinx Ontario Line. The LRA has been trying since February to clarify the route to be affected, and its duration, but it is supposedly still in the design and planning stages.

The project area shown on Toronto Hydro’s construction notice indicates these boundaries: Wicksteed Avenue (NORTH); Southvale Drive (WEST); Village Station Road (EAST); and Millwood Road (SOUTH). But the illustration on the notice is far from clear. We have requested more information, hoping to get advance warning of the details in time to minimize traffic congestion as well as other potential side effects and disruptions.

Remembering Councillor Jaye Robinson

As this issue of Leaside Life goes to print, it is no longer news, but the death of Ward 15 Councillor Jaye Robinson is still devastating, and was shocking in its suddenness. Jaye was a tireless advocate for Leaside, always accessible, always consultative, and open to new ideas. She was also unafraid to send reports back to City staff to return to the drawing board, and get answers they had avoided.

Jaye initiated, promoted, and secured funding for the Leaside Neighbourhood Transportation Plan, and developed many other important and innovative city-wide programs. She listened to her constituents and understood our concerns and priorities. We were fortunate to have had her as our Councillor.

I would also like to recognize the excellent work done by Jaye’s City Hall staff, both before and during Jaye’s illness. They are approachable, responsive, knowledgeable, and quick to grasp complex issues, thorough and professional in every way.

The LRA board of directors meets at 7:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month, at the Trace Manes building on Rumsey, just south of Leaside Library. You are welcome to join us there. Our next meeting is on June 5th. For more details and updates between now and then, or to become an LRA member, find us at leasideresidents.ca and press the Contact Us button, or at leasideresidents.ca/contact-us.


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