We’ve got mail!

After we put each issue of Leaside Life to bed, I never know for sure which stories will resonate with you, our readers, and prompt letters to us.

Occasionally, we hear from you correcting inaccuracies (thank you, eagle eyes!), and sometimes we get emails with anecdotes that round out stories we’ve published, such as when we write about an historic Leaside figure with descendants still living in the neighbourhood. And still other times, we get comments that have nothing to do with our stories per se, but are issues of interest to Leasiders (and sometimes result in stories). From time to time, these fall into the category of “rants,” while at other times they’re more of the heads-up variety (did you know this is going on in Leaside?).

But after our September issue hit Leasiders’ mailboxes, we found that one story stood out in encouraging energetic comments: our piece (“Pat’s Barbershop: goodbye to a Leaside tradition” by long-time Leaside resident and Pat’s patron Greig Henderson) on the closing of Pat’s Barbershop (formerly Joe’s) after gracing the neighbourhood for more than 30 years.

A few readers waxed nostalgic about the end of an era. Wrote one: “It’s a shame not to have the opportunity to say goodbye and good luck in person. They and their predecessors were part of the Leaside scene for so many years.” Another reader was a tad less laudatory about the quality of service he received once at the barbershop. But for the most part readers mourned the loss of a Leaside fixture against the changing face of the neighbourhood.

I was surprised – and pleased – to hear from so many readers with whom Greig’s column obviously hit a nerve.

What will hit a nerve this issue? Let us know which stories make you sit up at

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