We have become great prom dress collectors

ALExA and Christian Rocca
ALExA and Christian Rocca

Leaside came up big once again on prom dresses.

We collected more than 150 dresses for Flemingdon’s New Circles to help students who can’t afford fancy dress to attend their school prom.

Last year 1,300 students went to the ‘Prom Shop’ on Gateway Blvd. Several Leaside churches and schools took part in the drive this year.

One big part of it was Patrick Rocca’s daughter, Alexa, a grade 9 student.  As a well-known local realtor, Patrick Rocca is always getting requests for funding for local causes.  Last year, he wrote a cheque.

This year, Alexa said that she wanted to get involved. She decided to have a drive among her friends and other young people, and with her brother Christian, in grade 11, she posted on Facebook, postered the neighbourhood, including local businesses, and knocked on doors. In five weeks she collected 150 items, all clean and gently used.

She got dresses, shoes, costume jewellery, purses and items for the guys too.

She is also volunteering to be part of the dress crew at New Circles in Flemingdon when the young students come to make their selection.

If you didn’t hear about this drive this year, but have something appropriate to donate – save it for next year.  Alexa says she’ll be back.