Time to cycle into summer

A Bike Share station at Fleming Crescent and Bayview Avenue. Photo by Holly Reid.
A Bike Share station at Fleming Crescent and Bayview Avenue. Photo by Holly Reid.

There’s a lot to look forward to for cyclists as the seasons change:

eglintonTOday Complete Street

Have you noticed the small sections of raised cycle tracks on Eglinton at Bayview? Metrolinx installed these in front of most Eglinton LRT stations where the trains travel underground. The eglintonTOday Complete Street project aims to connect these segments with a quick-build complete street right along Eglinton. The plan supports on-street cafés, parkettes and plantings, additional on-street parking and protected bike lanes. Phase 1 of the project, if approved by City Council, will be installed in 2024 from Mt. Pleasant to Keele. Phase 2, from Mt. Pleasant to Brentcliffe, will begin consultations in 2024, for installation in 2025.

New BikeShare stations

Three new BikeShare stations have popped up in Leaside – on Eglinton near Brentcliffe, McRae near Laird, and Southvale at Millwood. This brings the total to six BikeShare stations for Leaside with more planned for the Eglinton LRT stations at Bayview and Laird. For many Leasiders, BikeShare can make taking the future Eglinton LRT a viable option, providing efficient “last-mile” connections to the LRT stations from all parts of the neighbourhood.

One metre please

Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act stipulates that drivers must allow a minimum of one-metre clearance when passing a cyclist. In addition, the Ontario Guide to Safe Cycling notes that people cycling should ride at least one metre from the curb or parked cars. and for visibility and predictability, people biking are advised to keep to a straight line. On many of our residential streets in Leaside, where on-street parking is permitted, to be visible and safe, people often need to cycle in the middle of the road.

Tour de Thorncliffe: June 15 to July 13

Four years ago, the Thorncliffe Park Autism Support Network (TPASN) and the Women’s Cycling Network joined forces to raise funds to provide a free camp for children with special needs. Thus, the Tour de Thorncliffe was born. The camps have been hugely successful and welcome children with and without neurodevelopmental disorders – a practice that builds awareness, understanding and acceptance. TPASN’s Dr. Shakhlo Sharipova notes, “There were free camps in the city but none were open to children with special needs.” Each year the community and local businesses are invited to help raise $15,000 to fund the camps, which run over the summer in the Thorncliffe Park, Flemingdon Park and Taylor Massey communities. You can help too. Make a donation, do fundraising, join one of four community rides or attend the kick-off and closing ceremonies. All the details are at: https://bit.ly/2024bike-a-thon.

Bike-to-Work day: June 6th

Every year the City hosts Bike-to-Work day to kick off Toronto’s Bike Month. The ride brings people from points all across the city to gather at City Hall before heading to work.

Cycle Don Valley Midtown is organizing a feeder ride to join the main group ride to downtown. Meet up at Bike Depot (1588 Bayview) on June 6th. The ride departs at 7 a.m. and will head over to Yonge and Davisville to join the main group at 7:15 a.m.

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Holly Reid is a recreational road rider and cycling commuter. An advocate for safe cycling, she is a member of Cycle Don Valley Midtown, Cycle Toronto’s advocacy group for Wards 15/16.