The Leaside Pub hosts 416Cares – good friends, good causes

416 Cares. Photo by Ed Barrett.
416 Cares. Photo by Ed Barrett.

What happens when you gather at least 100 people in one room, and each one donates $100 for a great cause?

That’s the premise behind 416Cares. On Thursday, March 28, this newly created group held its inaugural event at The Leaside Pub.

It’s a social and fun way for all those registered to attend a donor event to make a sizeable charitable impact by pooling their funds. Donors can nominate a registered Canadian charity, specifically one that’s active within the Toronto area.

The goal for the Leaside Pub inaugural event was $10,000.

On the 28th, cofounders – Rosedale resident James MacIntosh and Moore Park resident Anthony Boright – along with the rest of the 416Cares team, joined friends and friends of friends at the pub. People came from Leaside, Moore Park, Bennington Heights, Rosedale, Lawrence Park and other Midtown neighbourhoods.

A final cheque for $18,250 was presented to representatives from Moorelands Kids on April 11.
A final cheque for $18,250 was presented to representatives from Moorelands Kids on April 11.

The response to the event was overwhelming, with close to 200 people registering (and donating) and some 150 attending the actual pub night.

Out of the 35 nominated charities, three were randomly drawn a week before the event. The nominating members were informed a few days before the evening that their charity had been chosen to be presented to the group. They were asked to make a very short, under two-minute speech – no visuals, just them and a microphone – about their nominated charity.
The three nominated charities were The Assaulted Women’s Help Line, Covenant House and Moorelands Kids.

On the night of the event, once the speeches were complete, the attendees cast a vote for the charity that had won their heart.

Moorelands Kids came out on top. A presentation cheque for $17,650 was written on the spot. There were some last-minute donations, so a final cheque for $18,250 was presented to representatives from Moorelands Kids on April 11 (see photo).

The 416Cares team is planning its second event for Fall 2019. To learn more, visit

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