The Curious Idler – September 2017

Changes at Leaside United Church

The Rev. Rose Ann Vita has announced that as of August 31st, she will be leaving Leaside United with her next appointment being with the Emmanuel United Church in Brampton. Rev. Vita most recently worked to facilitate the recent merger of Leaside United and Presteign-Woodbine United. Rev. Emily Gordon will continue to lead the newly merged congregations.

Badali matriarch dies

Lena Badali, the matriarch of the “First Family” of Bayview and one of its original retailers, Badali’s Fruit Market, died in August. Lena will be sadly missed by her 5 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

Brakes and tempers heat up on the Bayview Extension.

The Bayview Extension in an undated postcard. By John Chuckman.
The Bayview Extension in an undated postcard. By John Chuckman.

The 50 km/hr speed limit on the Bayview Extension continues to be a hot topic around Leaside. Two online petitions have been started, one in support of the new lower speed limit, and one in support of returning the limit to 60 km/hr. The petition started by Leaside resident Judy Weiss asking the city to return the speed limit to 60 km/ hr has garnered almost 400 signatures. A couple of comments in support of an increased limit: “I believe the speed limit of 50 km per hour is unnecessary and unsafe. Drivers are tailgating me and zipping past in the right hand lane because I am doing 50.” “It is dangerous for me to drive the current speed limit, especially with my kids in the car, as other drivers end up tailgating me, speeding around me, and being very aggressive. I am braking the whole time going downhill from Moore, and going 50km/hr is impeding the flow of traffic and other drivers!”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the issue, a petition started by Jason Prenger is encouraging city councillors to ignore the growing plea to have the speed limit increased and maintain the new lower limit. Perhaps is it time for councillors Jon Burnside and Josh Matlow to weigh in. Both petitions can be found on the website.

Facebook users share what they adore about Leaside

In one of the most active recent Facebook postings on the Leaside Community facebook page, Leasiders have been answering the question raised by Deagan Tyrtle: “What do you absolutely adore about Leaside?” Here is some of what you had to say…

I love people’s beautiful front lawns in the summertime…and taking my kids for the first fresh baked scones at Epi breads early in the morning.

I love the history of Leaside, and how once you are born and raised there, you almost never leave. That sense of community is hard to find anywhere else.

I’ve lived in quite a few Toronto neighbourhoods, but this is the first place that made me feel like I’m part of a real community. Great people, nature at your doorstep, excellent amenities, wonderful small businesses, it’s safe, and the ideal place to raise a family!

Leaside continues to thrive because people care about preserving what it is that makes Leaside great. We may have been sounding a little too critical lately, and needed this post to remind us of all the positive aspects of the “hood.”

The ravine…the lovely gardens to see while walking, kids selling lemonade, little libraries on front lawns, great restaurants, being able to walk everywhere! Easier drive downtown!