The Curious Idler – October 2017

“Seas Gu Dileas” Calling all former Leaside High School students and staff

Seventy-two years ago, as World War II was drawing to a close, Leaside High School (LHS) was welcoming its first students. In a few short years from now, in 2020, Leaside High School will be celebrating its 75th anniversary. Former student Larry Hurd and others have organized a Leaside High School Alumni General Meeting to strike a new committee to oversee the upcoming event. The committee will be responsible for setting direction for alumni including the website, reunions, and scholarships. All former students and staff – and anyone else interested in getting involved – are invited to the meeting on Sun., Oct. 22nd at 1:30 – Leaside Pub, 190 Laird Dr. For more information or to get involved, email: .

Cat? Rat? Opossum!

Opossom and babiesIn the September issue of Leaside Life, our own Leaside Litterati, Cheryl Vanderburg, wrote about the many critters, both wild and domesticated, who share our community. But how about the recent sighting of an opossum and her nine babies by Leaside residents Walt and Lenore Pawziuk of Annesley Ave.? So why is this marsupial, known to play dead when threatened, showing up in Leaside? Originating in South America, the opossum has been moving northward since the 1950s thanks to climate change. Seems that with our recent mild winters and abundant food supply, the opossum may be here to stay. Want to find out more about our new, cuddly neighbours? Check out

Did you receive  your copy of Leaside Life this month?

Leaside Life is distributed to every home and business in the M4G area code, so if you are in the area, you should be receiving the magazine at your door every month. Occasionally, we hear from our readers that they have not received the magazine and we are so glad they take the time to let us know. Sometimes things do happen and occasionally we will miss a couple homes – if this happens to you, please let us know. Email us at and we will be sure to get the issue to you immediately.

We would to love to have volunteer street monitors who can help us make sure that everyone in Leaside receives the magazine. If you live on Airdrie, Randolph, Glenvale, Broadway, Bennington or any other street in Leaside, and want to help – contact us and we will email you once a month to let you know the magazine has been delivered. All you have to do is let us know once a month if you have received it. Every month, all delivery street monitors will be entered into a draw to win $50.

How do you turn 15 litres of lemonade into $1,000? Ask Isaac Khan

This past September, 4-year-old Isaac Khan hosted his second (!) annual lemonade stand in support of the Terry Fox charity. The one-day event, a true Khan family affair, raised over $1,000 this year. When asked why he continues to make the effort, Isaac says, “Because some people are sick and we can give them this money to get medicine and feel better.” ?