Talbot tenants advised to fight

Fight the landlord, Talbot apartment tenants were advised at a recent meeting to discuss eviction notices for the end of August.

“Don’t believe the landlord, believe the law,” Geordie Dent, executive director of the Federation of Metro Tenants Association, told about 50 people.

Tenants “can make the landlord go to the Landlord and Tenant Board, which is a provincial court, and prove why they have to evict you,” Dent said.

The landlords, Kelvingrove Investment Corp., plan to renovate and update the apartments on Bayview in the three buildings which have been designated as heritage.

Tenant Patti Fife said that when she moved in 18 months ago she was promised she would be relocated within the complex during renovations.

Luc Corneli, president of HPI Realty, which manages the property, says that’s not possible because of the way the complex was built, with everything connected through a central source.