Sir Henry Lumley Drayton (1869-1950)Sir Henry Lumley Drayton (1869-1950)

Lumley Avenue

Many streets in Leaside were built and named for the executives behind Toronto’s Belt Line Railway and the Canadian National Railway to mark the impact of their contributions to the growth of rapid transit in …more


Rolph Road

As many Leaside kids get ready to hit the books at Rolph Road Elementary School, they should take a moment to reflect on the street after which their school is named. Rolph Road officially opened …more


Astor Avenue

Many of the streets in Leaside were named after the area’s early settlers, politicians or those involved in the development of the railway and industries. Astor Avenue, a short street in South Leaside, seems not …more

Cudmore Farm

Bennington Heights

While not technically in Leaside, Bennington Heights Drive is close enough to share an M4G postal code. This curving road is the “main street” of the neighbourhood known as Bennington Heights. Thousands of years ago, …more

Robert Laird

Laird Drive

One of Leaside’s most interesting streets has to be Laird Drive, a major artery running north and south and incorporating the commercial and industrial streetscape (slowly changing) south of Eglinton to the quiet, residential section …more


Rykert Crescent

If you’re on your way to Serena Gundy Park you may find yourself on one of Leaside’s smaller streets, a crescent named Rykert, abutting another crescent, called Thursfield. When the Town of Leaside was laid …more