Sports hall of fame for Leaside

Leaside has such a long and storied sporting heritage that it’s time we had a sports hall of fame to celebrate it.

That’s the premise behind a suggestion made to Councillor John Parker last year in the context of the upcoming 2013 centennial of the Town of Leaside. And he immediately lent his support to the idea.

Now a committee with representatives from all the major sports organizations based in Leaside – including boys’ hockey, girls’ hockey, soccer, skating, curling, baseball, tennis and lawn bowling, along with someone familiar with high school athletics, and the chair of the East York Foundation – is working to make it a reality.

One inspiration was the realization that the expanded arena would provide some new “community space,” and what could be more appropriate than to use it to recognize and highlight Leaside’s sports tradition and the important role of sport in building community.

Exactly what form that recognition will take is still being worked out. But the current thought is that the Hall of Fame could be formally launched as early as this fall with an initial small group of inductees, including both athletes and builders.

After that, with an open and public selection process, new inductees could be added every year or every second year.

In the meantime, if you have someone in mind that you believe should be recognised in a Leaside Sports Hall of Fame, please speak with the president of the sports association you’re involved with or email your comments and suggestions to .

Stay tuned for more details in September.