Special audience

His complaints about the TTC dead zone in south Leaside led Councillor John Parker to invite Michael Bell (incorrectly called George Bell in our last issue) to his office last month for a meeting with Mitch Stambler, head of Strategy and Service Planning for the Toronto Transit Commission.

Parker says Stambler recognizes and acknowledges “the problem” and this is not a “situation anyone wants.”

But, Parker says, “The overriding need is to provide the greatest service to the greatest amount of people within a budget.”

The TTC hasn’t found a way to provide the requested service without reducing bus service to and from the subway stations at St. Clair and Davisville.

“Most people who ride the TTC want to go to the subway,” said Parker.

“Stambler went through each route and explained why it can’t be disturbed,” said Best.

But, Parker says, Stambler will go back to the drawing board and “review all of the circumstances of the clear and legitimate concern we all have.”