Serena Gundy may soon be happy again

Serena Gundy entranceSerena Gundy update: So what’s happened with the Rykert entrance to Serena Gundy Park?

Back in September we wrote about Serena Gundy probably being unhappy about the unfortunate condition of the grey stone wall there, cut back to allow heavy equipment to access the park, and the concern about a bequest by the Gundy family to the city putting limits on any work on the entrance.

The city promised to rebuild the wall as before. Three months later the wall has been rebuilt. So Serena Gundy will be happy now? Not so fast. The stonemasons appear to have done a good job of matching the existing wall in the cuts and placement of the stone. However in colour, not so well. But the city has offered to tint the new part of the wall for as many years as needed.

And the bequest? Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff have researched the land transfer and cannot find any record of a bequest regarding the entrance. Director of Management Services Ann Ulusoy wrote to Leasider Rick Price in an email that “There is no reference to any conditions placed on the property other than it has to be used “…for the purposes of a public park for the free use, benefit and enjoyment of the citizens of the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, such park to be known as Serena Gundy Park.”

So will Serena Gundy be happy? I think so, especially if she can get her colour back.

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