Semi-detached houses lead this year’s boom

Leaside sales by street 2014 vs 2015 to March 30
Leaside sales by street 2014 vs. 2015 year to date (to March 30). Click to enlarge

Semi-detached homes have become the big story in this year of booming prices for Leaside and Bennington Heights homes.

From the end of November last year to the end of November this year, which includes the usual end-of-year seasonal slump for all homes, sale prices of semi-detacheds have risen 10.4 percent, to $827,245, despite the number of sales dropping 25.5 percent.

In contrast, sales of detached homes have had a increase of 21 percent in number of sales, but only 1 percent rise in value.

The value of all home sales has gone up only 6.4 percent.

This has been a banner year for us, even though this past November’s average price for all homes was down 4 percent, to $1,214,237, partly because of the small number of sales, only 11, compared to 27 the previous month and 15 in November of 2013.

The all-time high average prices for home sales here came this past September: $1.343,084 for all homes, $1,465,810 for detached homes and $828,408 for semis.

Another interesting number: this year homes have been selling 4.56 percent above the listed price.

Jethro Seymour is a broker at Johnston & Daniel. All figures are from the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service.