Rolph Road will fundraise to repair its tennis courts

Robin Dickie
Robin Dickie

Rolph Road Home and School has decided to fight plans by the Toronto school board to create a public-private partnership to repair tennis courts at the school.

The Toronto board earlier this fall made the move because it doesn’t have money to do the work itself at many of its courts.

Robin Dickie, chair of the Rolph H&S, said last month, “Our committee plans to meet in the new year and we are going to fundraise within the parent community but also in the wider Leaside community. The newly re-formed Lions Club has been suggested, as it originally was involved in building the court. Gerri Gershon, our trustee, is very supportive.

“We do not have details yet except to say that the initial quote the Toronto District School Boad facilities department gave us was $15,900 to do the basics.”

Proposals for the partnership have not yet come to the school board. When they do, says Gershon, the community will be involved.

The Leaside Property Owners’ Association is opposing the public-private plan because it believes the answer is not selling off public property, despite lack of funds.