Ridings may be changed

If you live in Leaside or Bennington Heights, you know that your federal riding is Don Valley West.

If the recommendations made by the 2012 Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario under Chair Mr. Justice George Valin are put into place, after public hearings scheduled for October and November, those of you living in Bennington Heights will be included in the new riding of Mount Pleasant and Leaside residents will be part of Toronto North.

The riding of Don Valley West will disappear.

The new Toronto North includes most of Thorncliffe Park and then heads up to the 401.

In the past, municipal wards have recently each been half of a federal riding.

In our case, Councillor John Parker’s Ward 26 now includes Leaside, Thorncliffe Park, Bennington Heights, Wynford/Concorde and Flemingdon Park.  In the new version, if the pattern were to be followed, a municipal ward that included Leaside would probably include most of Thorncliffe Park but none of the others.  The rest of the ward would be north and to the west.