Proposals for Traffic

Councillor John Parker introduced five motions August 12 and 13 at North York Community Council that address escalating traffic in Leaside.

The following outlines what he would like to see.

– The implementation of a 30-kilometre per hour speed limit throughout most of Leaside with the exception of major arteries such as Bayview  and Laird south of Eglinton;

– Toronto Police Services stepping up speed enforcement in Leaside, taking particular care at Millwood & McRae;

– An all-way stop at the intersection of Vanderhoof and Brian Peck Cres.;

– The installation of either a pedestrian crossing or traffic control signal on Bayview at Sutherland;

– Increasing signage (if warranted) in Leaside, prohibiting heavy truck usage;

– The introduction of weekday turn restrictions in the morning (7 to 9 a.m.) and afternoon (4 to 6 p.m.) rush hours at various key intersections (e.g. Laird  and Parkhurst ) that lead to increased traffic on Leaside streets;

– The installation of a no-stopping rule (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) on Hanna  between Field and Sharron  on the east side of the street while allowing a maximum of three hours parking on the west side adjacent to Bessborough School, enabling the safe pickup of students by parents;

– An all-way stop at the intersection of Crandall and Hanna (Crandall runs perpendicular to Bessborough school) making it easier for children who are walking on their own to school;

– No right turns on red lights at all times of the day in all directions for vehicles at the intersection of Millwood and McRae; and

– Extending Redway Dr., which currently ends at the back of the Loblaws parking lot, all the way to Bayview somewhere south of Nesbitt Dr., creating a traffic bypass around Leaside’s side streets.

With the exception of the Redway Dr. extension, which faces opposition from Ward 27 Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam and Ward 29 Councillor Mary Fragedakis and has met with strong opposition in the past, all of these ideas could be implemented relatively quickly.

They were to be presented to city council in mid August.