Post office site developer has gone to the OMB

The developer of the old post office site at 2 Laird has gone to the Ontario Municipal Board after handing in revised plans that make little difference to the original plans opposed by residents and Councillor John Parker.

The Leaside Property Owners’ Association and Parker still oppose the plans for the condominium development, they say.

There is no change from the original seven storeys. There is a small reduction from 98 units and 85,800 square feet to 79,400 square feet and 78 units, done by creating larger units. The building drawings show at least two storeys above the seven for residences.

The LPOA has since met with Parker and expressed frustration. Parker said he would arrange another meeting with city staff, local residents and the LPOA.

“The 0.5 acre site is bounded by Malcolm/Millwood/Krawchuk Lane,” LPOA president Brian Athey says. “The neighbouring context consists of single family homes on Malcolm and three-storey townhomes on Krawchuk.

“The community has been outspoken in opposition to the egregious massing, height and density of the proposal. Particular concerns have been articulated as follows:

  • This is not a mid-rise condo site; rather it is located in a single family, townhouse neighbourhood.
  • A townhouse proposal is appropriate and should be submitted.
  • There is no consideration of transition to adjacent homes.
  • The density, height and massing is excessive for the property.
  • Vertical walls abut adjacent properties with minimal setback.
  • Balconies overlook single family and townhouse neighbours.
  • The size and design is inappropriate for such an important gateway entrance to Leaside.”