Choose the best store greeters in Leaside and win a prize!

We’ll have a draw from among those who choose the five most popular store pets. There are five prizes: two $25 gift certificates to Fukui Sushi, 1612 Bayview, a $15 and a $20 gift certificate to Mt. Everest, 804 Eglinton East, and a facial and manicure for Absolute Beauty, 1517A Bayview. The top winner will have the first choice of a prize, second winner next, etc. Vote by noon (EDT) of May 10. One entry per person, no employees or family of Leaside Life or the stores involved.


Owner, Peter Skalenda of Millwood Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre. The mailman may not be her favourite visitor, but when it comes to patients Chloe is a “cuddler,” even if it includes sitting on their laps during treatments. “They just love her,” says Skalenda of the Havanese who turns 4 in May.

Mr. T-DMr. T-D

He’s at the TD Bank at Millwood and Bayview. “He cheers people up,” says employee Dijana Matic of the budgie who arrived on the premises the end of February. “Kids love it when he dances to music.” If things go well she may add a female budgie. “We’ll call her Mrs. Visa,” she says.

PercySir Percival, “Percy”

Owners Marian Misters and J.D. Singh, Sleuth of Baker Street. According to Misters, this Standard Poodle, 3, was named after the only knight on King Arthur’s Round Table to see the Holy Grail. His nobility is reflected in his proud stance. Best of all, as a security guard, he’s second to none.


Owner, Nancy Penny of Absolute Beauty. Lucky lived up to her name on two occasions when she “saved” her owner from a nighttime intruder and a purse snatcher. Born with a jaw deformity, this 11-year old not only survived, but proved it’s good to be a big dog in a small dog’s body.


Owner Rhonda Fruitman, Whatever Lola Wants “He’s all about love, even if he bumps into furniture,” says Fruitman of the blind pug, twelve years old, who races to the front door to greet every new customer. An added benefit? He can sing.


Owner Grace Corrado of Stainton, Murray & Lam. Named after the Roman god of war, this three-legged dynamo, 10, still gives super high-fives to whoever greets him. “He loves people and hates being alone,” says Corrado, who adds he knows he’s quite a chick magnet.


Owner Sue Byford, Bonnie Byford Real Estate. Originally from the Ottawa area, Mojo, 6, is a Tibetan Terrier who excels at “napping, looking cute and boosting morale.” A graduate of puppy school, he defuses office stress by lying on his back and inviting belly rubs.


Owner Lynn Henry, Vizio Eyewear. “She makes me laugh every day,” says Henry of her teacup Chihuahua, 1, who serves clients from the comfy confines of her owner’s over-the-shoulder purse.


Owner Rhonda Fruitman of Whatever Lola Wants. Although she has a fondness for men, Olive doesn’t discriminate when it comes to games of tug-of-war. “She has a toy box and whenever someone comes in she rummages through it to find just the right object to pull the stuffing out of,” say Fruitman of the 1 1/2-year-old English Bulldog.

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