Pool will close from mid-May to January

When the current season wraps up in mid-May, the Leaside pool will close for major repairs and not open again until probably next year.

“The work is expected to take about six months,” said Henry Stachelbeck, manager of Leaside arena. “If the work is completed on time, we’ll need a couple more weeks to fill the pool and get it ready again, so programming isn’t likely to resume until January.”

The $800,000 project has three components: repairs to the lower roof over the offices and change rooms, mechanical upgrades to the drainage system, and grading improvements to the grounds behind the pool. Funding comes from the city’s Parks and Recreation budget.

Councillor Jon Burnside said that “some of these items were identified in the city’s capital plan as long as 10 years ago.”

“The good news,” he adds, “is that city staff tell me the building is in good shape so the pool should be available to the community for many years to come.”

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