Our best front gardens

The front garden at 36 Donlea
The front garden at 36 Donlea

Signs were out recently for the eight winners of this year’s Leaside Garden Society’s Gardens of Distinction awards.

The society says the awards “give public applause to residents who have front gardens with that ‘something special’, that is, beautiful, interesting, or particularly creative from a gardening point of view. Only the front yards are judged.”

Look out for them. The LGS asks that you respect private property and not walk in.

The winners:

  • 40 Bennington Heights Dr.
  • 48 Bennington Heights Dr.
  • 116 Bessborough Dr. (fronts on St. Cuthbert’s)
  • 280 Airdrie
  • 97 Hanna
  • 106 Randolph
  • 36 Donlea
  • 96 Brentcliffe