Movie scenes here

On Monday, Sept. 17, a movie crew came to Leaside to film KICK-ASS2, an action-hero based comedy. I could not find any other feature Hollywood movie made in our neighbourhood in the last 20 years.

The crew filmed an exterior scene at 142 Bessborough Dr. for four hours in the middle of the day, then day and night scenes near 43 Airdrie Rd. and Heather Rd.

Fred Kamping, location manager for the movie, said he picked Leaside because he wanted a “quintessentially middle-class American neighbourhood”.

Leaside had several good locations close together, one with a siding clapboard feel where the script required that the father (Big Daddy) of an adopted daughter (Mindy) lived, and one with a more upscale look for another scene.

Leaside has big trees and homes with distinctive charm and a good feel, said Kamping.

Susan Lynch, a homeowner, said the movie people were careful of her home. Since they used only her front door and hallway, she found it minimally intrusive