LETTERS – October 2017

Re: Will Ashworth’s Business of Leaside column,
“To hell with pedestrians”

Given that a stoplight at Parkhurst and Bayview would drastically increase the dangers to the many children walking to and from school, Will’s contention is categorically wrong. Parkhurst has been harder hit than many Leaside streets, as it’s a clear path from Bayview to Laird and an excellent bypass instead of Eglinton. To say that Parkhurst families will see a dramatic increase in traffic should a light be installed, is an understatement. There are other alternatives which are being looked at including moving or eliminating the crosswalk. For the safety of the families who live on Parkhurst, it would be merciful for the City, should they deem it necessary, to delay putting in a set of lights until the Eglinton Crosstown is complete.

Catherine Bertmount

Re: Ian Morton

Good item on Ian Morton of Summerhill Group in your September issue.

Very kind of Ian to mention my action on his request for a sidewalk on Commercial Road when I was city councillor for the area.

The fact is, the credit goes to Ian for flagging the issue and bringing the need to my attention. The real hero of the piece, however, is Fiona Chapman – the City Hall public servant who delivered the result.

Fiona installed several other sidewalks at my request. They include ones (1) along Bayview Heights Drive south of Moore, (2) along Bennington Heights Drive leading into Bennington Heights School, and (3) along the south side of Leacrest, virtually end to end.

The Leacrest one was actually a big project. Partly because of the tree issues involved.

But Fiona’s best work had to do with the unusual traffic island at the complicated McRae/Rumsey/Sharron Drive intersection. A young mother wrote a note alerting me as to what a struggle it was to manage a stroller across the curb structure of the island. I asked Fiona to follow up. She had a crew on it within days. I think the whole thing was rebuilt in a week or so.

Roadways are not just for cars. Residents like Ian and public servants like Fiona are helping make them safer for pedestrians too.

John Parker


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