Letters June 2019

Re: Leaside Litter

I too am appalled at the amount of garbage I see on my daily dog walk in Leaside. Our precious earth deserves better. As parents we need to remind our children not to litter whether it’s at a sporting event or an afternoon at the park or an outing to the corner store. In my view, school principals need to remind students to put trash where it belongs and take away privileges if students refuse.
Susan Poaps, Leaside

Re: Magical backyards: gardens or laneway suites? 

This article was written September 1, 2018 but I believe laneway suites should be available in Leaside. With the new LRT being built, it’s a no brainer. I’m not too sure why we are excluded in the first place as we are much closer to downtown than some locations on the map such as Dawes O’Connor. If there has been any update on this matter let me know.
Eric M

Re: Sump Pumps and Skating Rinks

With respect to fixing the issue, it looks as if the issue has been fixed already as the property is for sale and consequently, there has been no sump pit water discharge coming out of the sump pump discharge line for the past couple of weeks. As the property eavestrough downspouts discharge water right beside the building foundation where is the foundation groundwater going.
Rick Price

Re: Stickney Avenue

As mentioned in the letter to the editor from Nicholas Mitchell (March edition), there were some clarifications that needed to be made to the Streets of Leaside article in the February edition re: David Stickney and the renaming of Markham Ave.

David Stickney was my uncle. I was excited to see him in the news and I sent the article along to my mother Carolyn Grant (née Stickney, David’s sister) and she had some further clarifications to note re the original article:

A couple of corrections: Our father’s name was William Ralph Stickney, and went by the name Ralph Stickney; my brother’s full name was Robert David Stickney and went by the name David. The band I played in was the East York Community Band; director was Norman Tuckwell, a music teacher in the East York school system.

My uncle never really used the name Robert, but I suppose that’s where some confusion was regarding my grandfather’s name (Ralph).

All my best, and keep up the great work.
Adam Grant

Kudos re: the Boyd Gang

Hope all is well. Just wanted to send in a congratulations to Mr. Geoff Kettel on his article “The Infamous Boyd Gang had a Blast in Leaside.” Aside from being well-researched, it was well-written. Mr. Kettel provided some engaging and entertaining work. Hope there is more…Keep up the good work.
James Burt

Our Digital Edition

While I don’t live in Leaside now I did grow up just over the western border in nearby North Toronto. I was given a copy of Leaside Life by Gordon Champion (the subject of the North Toronto/Leaside STP – the initials used to describe in a nice way any Sewage Treatment Plant – and enjoyed the story and the rest of the paper very much. Just wondering if the digital edition is available on a regular basis online?
Mike Filey

Response from our Digital Editor: Hi Mike, This is Erin Sorhaug writing, Digital Editor for Leaside Life. We have all of our magazines online. You can go to www.leasidelife.com/archives where we are organized by Date or Author. There is also a search function on the website where you can search for anything we have published. Alternatively, you can also go to https://issuu.com/leasidelifenews to see pdfs of all the magazines. If you need any more assistance, I would be happy to help you.

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