Letters – January 2017

MoonbowMoonbows over Leaside

Beautiful article. A lot of the moonbows seen in Google images are caused by water droplets typically found in tropical climates. The halo around the moon in colder climates has earned the name moondog (or moon dog), named after the more common sun dog. Unlike most astronomy events, this is definitely visible within the city lights!

Steve Nastos via Facebook

Leaf Pickup

A question/comment for Cheryl Vanderburg – I recently read your article about ‘Bag those Leaves!’ Like you, for several reasons, I find it annoying to see leaves raked onto the road… driving hazard, drainage issues, and ultimately, more blowing leaves onto my property.

You wrote that it was a bylaw offence that could result in charges being laid. I also believed this was the case, however, a few weeks ago, a city truck came by and scooped up all these leaves in Leaside.

Your article indicated that this would not be the case. If the City keeps picking up the leaves on the road, no one is going to make the change to bag them. In the grand scheme of things, this is a small issue – but that said, an issue which should be easily rectified.

If you have any additional information as to the City bylaw, I would be interested to know.

Thank you.

Julie Munro,
Heather Rd.

These Wildcats are roaring strong

Glad to read this post. I was one of many girls who managed to get ice time at Leaside and formed a girls’ hockey league. George Armstrong’s daughter Betty played and George would come out to coach us. Great memories!!

Chris Harron via Facebook

Leaside’s Regnard Raquedan invented a solution

I saw the article posted online, thank you very much! Everything looks great, but there’s one minor correction I’d like to make: the app store for Google is called “Google Play.” In the article as it is published, it is written as “Google Face.”

Regnard Raquedan, MBA, MSc., CEO & Co-founder

Angela Leahey wins award

Congrats Angela! Amazing.

Karen Craig via Facebook

Congratulations Angela! You’re beautiful!

Nancy Tzanetakis via Facebook