Letters – February 2015

Epitomizing spirit of Leaside in the ‘50s

Re: Leaside Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

I had the pleasure of attending the recent induction ceremony for the latest entrants.

My family grew up in North Leaside and my brother Bruce and I were very active in the sports community right from atom baseball at Trace Manes (where our father was a director and coach of the LABA) through to junior baseball at Talbot Park. We were also involved in hockey all the way through playing for the beloved Leaside Lions on Saturday night, all the way through midget.

I grew up with Peter Krol and we remained in touch over 60 years. Along with Gary Malpass and Jeff Nobes (whom I hadn’t seen for over 50 years) we reminisced about all the trouble we had gotten into and survived.

We were also lucky enough to have grown up knowing Jack  Caffery and Terry, who was a bit younger.

The highlight of the evening was when an older gentleman asked if he could sit with us. I  believe his name was John Lomax and he was 86 years old.

We asked whom he was here to see inducted and he said Jack Caffery. Although Mr. Lomax had moved out of Leaside in 1946, the memories of Leaside and growing up and playing ball hockey with Jack were enough to draw him back to this event.

This simple gesture epitomized the spirit of Leaside in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

The sporting programs offered to the kids by the community and the extraordinary commitment by coaches formed lasting friendships and a respect for the wonderful community we were privileged enough to grow up in.

Thanks again for a wonderful evening.

Rea Godbold
Avenue Rd.

My mother sent me the July 2014 issue of Leaside Life as part of my Christmas package, as I now live in Vancouver. I was touched by the article that honoured Mr. Bondy’s commitment to life as a music educator.

I attended Northlea P.S. Mr. Bondy was inspirational and supportive of the children in our choir. I sang a solo at Christmas Concert in either ’84 or ’85. It’s a very fond memory of mine.

I’d like to thank Mr. Bondy for his dedication and enthusiasm for music and sharing his talents with young people. It has made a positive impact in my life as an artist.

I am now a chef, and although cooking is a different discipline, there is an important artistic component that was nurtured long ago under his guidance. Please pass this on to him. Forever grateful.

Russell Cameron