Letters to the Editor April 2022

Diverse and interesting

I have recently devoured your December issue and found it full of diverse and interesting articles. I would like to congratulate you on such an informative publication.

I came away feeling I know my community better.

Thanks so much for your presence in the Leaside community.

With gratitude,

Cathie and George Salter

White House Meats

I just read the article on White House Meats and wanted to correct the comment that was made that there are no retail meat cutting courses offered in community colleges.

While there may not be any local courses offered, retail meat cutter (trade code: 245R) is an apprenticeable trade in Ontario. Seaway Valley Meat Cutting Institute (Cornwall) is a registered training delivery agent for the program. Fanshawe College and George Brown College also offer courses.

Alice Power

Kudos to Leaside Life!

I was just reading the March 2022 publication and wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoy reading Leaside Life. It is an amazing publication, keeps me abreast of the community happenings and is a joy to read every time I receive it in my mailbox. You have a great team who brings awareness and diversity to the articles and experiences that all of us get to share through your work. Kudos to the Leaside Life team and publication. Thank you.

Maurene McQuestion