Leaside’s Regnard Raquedan invented a solution to his own daycare problem

Regnard Raquedan and wife, Liza
Regnard Raquedan and wife, Liza

What do you do if you have a problem and can’t find a solution to it? Well, if you’re Leaside resident Regnard Raquedan, you create a solution yourself.

About two years ago Raquedan and his wife, who both have expertise in information technology design, development and security, had their first daughter. They began looking for daycare spots but noticed there wasn’t a central database of daycare centres available and came up with the idea to start up CubbySpot, a mobile platform that connects parents with daycare centres across Canada.

At the time the couple were living in downtown Toronto and working on developing CubbySpot in the Founder Institute, a business and technology incubator centre. When Raquedan’s wife became pregnant with their second child, they decided to relocate to a more family-oriented community and moved to the Scenic on Eglinton condominiums at Vanderhoof Ave. and Brentcliffe Rd. where they now live and work.

Leaside was the ideal spot for Raquedan, who came to Canada five years ago from the Philippines, and his family to settle. They’ve never looked back.

“It’s really a perfect fit – a business that’s all about the family in a community that’s all about the family,” he says. “Right now we can run the business from home, but if we continue to grow and at some point need to add people and move out into an office, there’s a lot of suitable space. Leaside has just about everything that a family and a small business like ours could ever need.”

CubbySpot today numbers more than 12,000 daycare centres across Canada, about 40 of them in Toronto. Most are licensed facilities. Parents can access CubbySpot on their mobile phones and devices through an app which is available through Apple and Google Play stores.

CubbySpot is also available to daycare centres through the web to help child care managers keep track of their waiting lists and enrolment availability. It helps them build better relationships with families, eliminate the hassles of enrolment, build more trust and confidence and easily promote their services and facilities to parents across the country.

CubbySpot also has a number of partner organizations such as the Association of Daycare Operators of Ontario (ADCO). If you join ADCO you get CubbySpot as a benefit of your membership.

When not working on innovative tech solutions like CubbySpot, Regnard is an avid viewer of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

Learn more about CubbySpot: http://www.cubbyspot.com/