Leaside Rotary donates dictionaries

Leaside Rotary recently donated 250 dictionaries to the Thorncliffe Neighborhood Office (TNO) to be given to students, young and old, enrolled in the various literacy programs operated through TNO. It hopes to make this donation an annual affair.

Other initiatives by Leaside Rotary to reach out to Thorncliffe include a three-year commitment of $5,000 annually to send youngsters to a summer day camp sponsored by the TNO.

In addition, Leaside Rotary recently donated $1,500 to the Thorncliffe Soccer Club, its second year doing so.

Leaside Rotary is in the process of forming a satellite Rotary Club in Thorncliffe, initially designated as Leaside Rotary-Thorncliffe. In time it would be a standalone club with a member of that club sitting on the Leaside Board.