Leaside Life: The first five years

For our first issue of the New Year, it’s an honour to feature some of the faces of Leaside – people who have graced our pages over the past five years. We have been privileged to share the stories of some truly remarkable people. The photos you see here represent just a sample of those whose lives have touched Leaside in some way. We look forward to celebrating even more stories – and Leaside personalities – in the years to come.

1. Frederick Gage Todd (1876 – 1948), Father of Canadian landscape architecture. Used the Garden City landscape principles to create the “model town” of Leaside.

2. Reid Humphrey, Leaside Athlete of the Year for 2015 (Nov. 2015).

3. Georgia Walsh. A tragic car accident took her life in July 2014. Georgia’s death has inspired the creation of the Trace Manes Playground Rejuvenation Project in her memory (Oct. 2015).

4. George Hart, Leaside poet (May 2016).

5. Pancheta Barnett, president of East York Historical Society (July 2016).

6. The inaugural inductees to the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame (Jan. 2014).

7. Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada (June 2013).

8. David Stickney, Mr. Leaside (1943 – 2015) (June 2015).

9. Michael Bliss, Canadian historian, author, Member of the Order of Canada & ongoing contributor to Leaside Life (Sept. 2013).

10. Jon Burnside, City of Toronto Councillor, Ward 26 (Jan. 2015).

11. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, MPP Don Valley West.

12. Rev. Dr. Rob Oliphant, MP Don Valley West.

13. Grant Allardyce, Trae Zammit, Stephen Betts, and LPOA board members Carol Burtin Fripp, co-chair, Agnes Vermes, treasurer, and Geoff Kettel, co-chair (Nov. 2015).

14. Lorna Krawchuk, Publisher, Leaside Life.

15. Colin Mochrie, Comedian & Actor (Jan. 2012)

16. Bert F. Grant (1921 – 2008), Former President & Chairman of Crestview Group Co. (Feb. 2013)

17. Jane Pitfeld, Author & Former City Councillor, Ward 26

18. Brian Athey, Former LPOA Chair, community advocate. (May 2013)

19. Geoff Kettel, LPOA co-chair & Will Ashworth, Business writer (cover March 2014)

20. Petra Grantham, Leaside Matters (Feb. 2015)

21. Korban Ali Jorder, Store Manager at Mac’s convenience (March 2016)

22. Connor Turnbull, Co-chair Leaside Matters (Nov. 2016)

23. Edward Wong, Ahmed Hussein, Bill Pashby, Daryn Everett, Mayor John Tory, Jeff Hohner, Councillor Jon Burnside and Michael Zivot (Jan. 2017)

24. Shirley Giles, First woman bank manager in Canada (May 2015)

25. Leaside Lions 1970, includes a young Stephen Harper (May 2013)

26. Randall James Hamilton Zwinge – The Amazing Randi, (Jan. 2012)

27. Dave Christiani & Emily Cohen, (March 2016)

28. Cheryl Vanderburg, Leaside Litterati, ongoing contributor

29. Howard Birnie, Mr. Leaside Baseball, President of Leaside Baseball Association (July 2012)

30. Badali Family, The first family of Bayview, owners of Badali’s Fruit Market

31. Agnes Macphail, First woman elected to Canadian parliament (May 2016)

32. John Naulls, local historian & cartographer

33. Eleanor Wyne, active member Leaside United Church (June 2014)

34. Patricia Phenix, Author, Judge, Editor (Sept. 2012)