Leaside Green: Introducing the Leaside Green Heart Awards!

The earth as a green and blue heartThere isn’t a day that goes by without our being drawn into the growing focus on green living – the idea of leading a sustainable lifestyle that works with nature and tries to bring into balance the conservation of the Earth’s natural resources rather than causing increased long-term or irreversible damage.

Why is this so important to Leaside? Because we are a family-oriented community, and with that comes the shared responsibility for each of us to do our part to make Leaside – and the planet – livable not only for today but also for the future.

I’m sure we all know individuals, organizations and businesses in Leaside who are taking green living to new heights. Maybe they live a zero-waste lifestyle by refusing, reducing, reusing, repairing or repurposing “stuff.” Or they’ve created a green business or home by providing or using organic, sustainable and ethical products. They might restore our community’s habitat by planting trees or increasing native planting. Perhaps they reduce gases and solid matter causing global warming and acid rain by finding sustainable ways to get around. They focus on energy efficiency, or conserve water by reducing consumption or collecting and using rainwater. They reduce pollution by keeping public spaces litter free.

The green living list is endless!

The Leaside Green Heart Awards are our chance to spotlight these eco-friendly efforts and give our green heroes a huge round of applause for all they’re doing to create a cleaner, more environmentally secure future for Leaside and beyond. See below for contest rules. Here are categories we’re focusing on:


Do you know a Leaside school, church, group or public space inspiring sustainable green change in their organization or in the community? Perhaps it’s a forward-thinking way to reduce waste or reuse, repair or repurpose existing items. Or an outreach into the community by picking up litter or planting trees and gardens. Perhaps they’re championing a climate change initiative to create a zero-carbon world. We know there is A LOT going on here in Leaside. We want to hear about it.


Is your sports team, league, athletic program or arts program committed to a cleaner future on or off the field, rink, gym or studio? Whether it’s your actions or your facilities, this is your chance to be an eco-cheerleader for the athletics and arts groups and individuals making exciting green changes in Leaside.


Young people have the biggest stake in our future. They have been instrumental in pushing climate change up the political and public agenda, and have consistently raised their voices for the better future they want – and need – to see. From large scale student-led protests, to making important changes within their school or community – we want to hear about Leaside young people leading the way and showing the rest of us how it’s done.


Tell us all about a Leaside business or employer who has inspired you through innovative green products or green thinking. Whether championing environmentally friendly products, creating sustainable business practices or rallying customers to be greener consumers, if these businesses are helping us to live a greener, cleaner lifestyle, we want to hear about them.


Do you know Leaside individuals who are passionate about greening our community and our world for the better? From living a green lifestyle and helping others in the community become greener, to greening their home or workplace … and everything in between – we all know someone amazing who deserves being celebrated. So, why not nominate your local green champion?


The nomination process is green and simple. Email with the following information. The awards will be announced in our April edition.

Nominator Name/Position/email: 

Nominee Name/Position/email:

Nomination Category:

In 100 words or less, tell us about your nominee and why you think they should win a Leaside Green Heart Award. Please provide a link to any online articles or web pages.

I think all of us live green in some way; we want to hear from you too! Simply email us with the subject line “I’m green too,” and tell us how you live green. Let’s inspire each other to be greener in 2020!

Note: This award was reused and repurposed from The Green Heart Hero Awards sponsored by The Climate Coalition of London, England. Just doing our bit!

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Leaside Life’s new eco-duo, Cheryl Vanderburg and Debora Kuchme, are excited to be working together on a new column, Leaside Green, to bring environmental awareness along with positive and easy solutions to create and celebrate a greener and healthier Leaside. Debora, The Leaside Gardener, continues to use her background in design, manufacturing and horticulture to bring creative and practical ideas to help mitigate the negative effects of climate change. And Cheryl continues her Leaside Litterati quest by ‘plogging’ while out and about in the neighbourhood.