Leaside first, the world next

For an engineering and high-technology company that was started in the basement of their Donegall Dr. home in Leaside in 1998, Miriam and John Tuerk’s Clear Blue Technologies has come a long way – and maybe right around the world.

The National Research Council has announced a $92,000 investment in the company that produces off-grid power – like wifi telephones that need only one pole at the corner of each street or streetlights without cabling.

“Eventually, we can get rid of cabling altogether and use LED lights; we can also have solar panels in each home powered by a single pole on each street. This is reliable energy without having to connect it to a grid,” says Miriam Tuerk, the company spokesperson.

“Best of all, the systems can be monitored through the internet.”

The grant was announced this spring by John Carmichael, Don Valley West MP, and Ed Holder, Minister of State (Science and Technology).

Says Carmichael, “I’m personally inspired by the energy of the Tuerks and their vision for the future. By supporting them, the government is not only creating jobs but ensuring that it is on the cutting edge of solar and wind-based technologies.”

The funds will enable the company to install such off-the-grid projects like streetlights, security cameras and mobile power systems for Tridel’s Aqualina and Aquavista condominiums on Toronto’s waterfront.

“We live in a world where we cannot afford the more expensive sources of energy, but instead we need clean, green energy technologies,” says Tuerk, citing Tridel as one of the first companies to put green roofs on their buildings.