Leaside CIBC to help test no-teller banking

CIBC on Bayview at Millwood is one of five test sites across Canada where customers will soon be greeted in an open reception area by “digital specialists,” helped to use automated money machines for deposits and withdrawals, and assisted (or taught) to perform other banking functions, such as money transfers.

The traditional counter will be removed.

A sign in the window gave few details but told customers:

“We are building a new exciting banking experience for you.” (The number 1-800-465-2422 was posted for further information.)

Branch manager Laura Soria elaborated: “We want to make banking easier. We’ll have highly qualified advisors to give all the technical expertise you will need,” and added that staff will be on hand to help customers “one-on-one”.

The branch will close temporarily from Nov. 3 to Nov. 9 for alterations.

When the branch reopens, “counter services will still be available for a period of time, meaning clients that need to perform an over-the-counter transaction will continue to have access to these services if needed – that won’t change,” said Geoff Dillon, a CIBC communications VP.

“For most clients, the transactions they perform in person can be performed through digital channels, such as online banking or our ATMs. As we re-open our enhanced banking centre, our team will be offering personalized service to clients to introduce them to these options if they don’t already use them, to help them benefit from the added convenience of banking when, where, and how they want.”

CIBC promises to listen to clients’ opinions on the new approach to banking.