Leaside: ‘a huge animal loving presence’

Ember and Abby
The photo shows my two labs, Ember and Abby. I had dumped the donations out on my kitchen floor to count them. My dogs were intrigued by the smells on some of them that had been worn before by other pooches. 🙂

Final count of my plea for dog  accessories: 222 collars, 94 leashes and 31 body harnesses were donated, plus five garbage bags full of new dog items like winter jackets, sweaters, portable water bowls, blankets and life preservers!

The latter were donated by a woman who had extra inventory after closing her pet store.

Most of the donations were flown to Nunavut in mid September by a team of Canadian vets and volunteers for CAAT, the Canadian Animal Assistance Team.

There were some donations that were not even asked for and were too heavy to fly into Nunavut, metal dog bowls and some toys.

I took the feeding dishes to the Toronto Humane Society last weekend and they were thrilled! I also took some donated toys that were too heavy to ship plus a large bag of towels from a local senior moving out of a big home into a condo.

Remaining donations unable to go on this trip will go on other trips with CAAT in the future.

There may be another collection next year as I have been shown twice that the Leaside community has a huge animal loving presence. Many thanks to all who reached out when I asked for help.