Leaside 100 finished with a profit

As the last week of April came and went, perhaps you were thinking….“This time last year we celebrated Leaside’s 100th anniversary in grand style. That was a really great party! And the other events, the exhibit, the video, the quilt, the website, the walking tours — they were all great too.”

The Leaside 100 Committee’s work has been completed. The East York Foundation, which was responsible for the Leaside 100 accounting, reports that after all revenues and expenses associated with the festivities and projects were calculated, a net surplus of $2,544 remains. Revenues included ticket and corporate table sales for the April 27 gala, website, archival exhibit and video sponsorships and a grant from the Toronto Arts Foundation. Expenses included gala expenses and costs related to the Leaside 100 website, the Layers of Leaside archival exhibit, the Leaside – Then and Now video, the quilt, and allowance for the planting of three trees.

The Leaside 100 gala will remain a treasured memory for Leasiders. Some of the other projects produced long term community assets, but will need to be maintained, which  needs resources to do so, Let’s take these assets one at a time, in no particular order.

The Leaside 100 website contains a lot of material that now has archival value. It really needs a home, and a budget for maintenance.

The Leaside 100 quilt has the coats of arms of the Town of Leaside, the Borough of East York and the City of Toronto, together with the Leaside 100 crest. Designed and created by Margaret Carscadden, the quilt was presented to the Leaside Library board with the idea that it would be hung in the Leaside Library. However it is not currently on display as it needs to be protected from sticky fingers and mounted with an appropriate plaque, We have asked the library to give us a cost estimate for this.

The Layers of Leaside Exhibit, which is currently on display at the Toronto Archives, has been relying on the generosity of Hal Spradling, the owner of All Canadian Storage. It needs a permanent home. It also needs ongoing maintenance after travelling to several venues for display. And more copies of the Layers of Leaside booklet would be helpful for explanation.

The Leaside walking tour has become an annual event.This year the Layers of Leaside was a featured walk on Doors Open weekend on May 24-25. More copies of the booklet are needed,

Three special trees will be planted. There should be a commemorative tree somewhere in Leaside, with an appropriate plaque.

Keeping the records and artifacts from the centennial year (at the Leaside Library, or Toronto Archives?). That includes everything from the goodies handed out at the Gala, to the Rolph Road School scavenger hunt.

So what do we do with the small surplus? What do you think?  The East York Foundation will decide, but your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Please contact the author with your ideas.

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Geoff Kettel is a community connector and advocate for “making places better”. He is currently Co-President of the Leaside Residents Association, Co-Chair of the Federation of North Toronto Residents‘ Associations (FoNTRA), member of the Toronto Preservation Board and Past Chair of the North York Community Preservation Panel. He writes a monthly column on heritage and planning in Leaside Life.