Jaye Robinson: A legacy of community engagement

Jaye Robinson Incumbent, 
Former Ward 25
Jaye Robinson, Incumbent, Former Ward 25.

As Leaside Life was heading into production, we learned of the death of Councillor Jaye Robinson.

The Don Valley West councillor was a powerful and passionate advocate for the Leaside, Bennington Heights, and Thorncliffe communities.

Her original column for this issue of Leaside Life contained information on a favourite community activity of hers: Community Environment Day. This year’s Community Environment Day will be held at Leaside Memorial Community Gardens on Thurs., June 6, from 4:30-8:30 p.m. Vehicles should arrive through the parking lot entrance off Southvale Dr. Please do not drop off any items before the scheduled event start time. For more info about items that will be accepted, visit the City’s website at www.toronto.ca/community-environment-days.

Councillor Robinson’s legacy will live on in her many accomplishments through tireless advocacy for Don Valley West.