It’s not easy giving up law for literature

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Six Minutes by Kathy RobertsMy debut novel, Six Minutes, has just been published by Burnstown Publishing House.

Let me outline what it’s about:

It is fiction about three very different people who witness the same horrific event on their way to work. Their lives shaken, each struggles, confused by the past and the decisions they have made. Spanning three years, the story unfolds through each character’s viewpoint of the same events.

And then, just as they seem set to move on with their lives, something even more shocking occurs that redirects their paths yet again.

Though this tale underscores how alone we can be in our perceptions, and how little we can control our reactions, it also reminds us of the depths of strength and courage we can find to battle through it all and build bridges between us.

Something about myself and my new life in literature:

I live in Leaside, with my husband, two children, and dog. I grew up in Burlington and attended the University of Western Ontario and Osgoode Hall Law School. I practised law for 15 years at McMillan and RBC.

Stepping away from a great law career to write a book was not an easy thing to do. One of my lawyer friends actually said, “Please don’t be one of those lawyers who tries to write a book.”

It was selfish and terrifying, but also the number one thing on my bucket list.

For the first year, it was a well-kept secret. I naively hoped that I would write the book, cross it off my list, and then get back to a law career.

But getting a book published is not something that can be done quickly. Unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t know.

It was a long, slow-moving process, but the struggle made the end goal even more satisfying. And the response from family, friends, and neighbours has been even more rewarding than getting the call that the book would be published.

In the first week, my children made free bike deliveries throughout Leaside, and friends wrote emails late at night when they finished the book.

Recently, Karen Hanning had her Leaside book club read Six Minutes and I attended the evening. What a fun night with a great group of women.

I am still adjusting to the new life style. I have gone from one extreme to the other.

Practising law was a constant bustle of rushing to and from downtown, working long hours, constantly surrounded by crowds, colleagues and clients. Always thinking of the kids at work, and thinking of work at home.

And now, at a much slower pace, I am usually in the neighbourhood, spending much of the day in the house, alone, and often thinking of my characters when I’m not writing.

But writing has been a lifetime passion, getting a book published was a personal dream, as was having more time with my children, Owen and Jaime, and husband, Steve. That has made this stage of my career the most rewarding. I continue to appreciate the extra time with family and friends as I work away on my second novel.

Until the end of this January Leaside residents can purchase the novel from me at a 20 percent discount, for $16. Just contact me at my website,, to arrange for pick-up. The book can also be purchased at full price any time from (including six different e-versions), and more than 30 eBook outlets.

Story written by Kathy Roberts.