I will find funds for traffic study

As our traffic committees in both North and South Leaside get started, we will be looking at ways to reduce the volume of traffic.

I am aware that residents are tired of hearing about traffic studies but the reality is that a comprehensive study has not been done in Leaside for years.

Despite there being approval for one in the previous term, funding was not allocated. I am committed to finding the funding to execute such a study. The overall need is to gather baseline traffic volumes so that we can ensure that as we make changes that an increase in traffic does not occur on neighbouring streets. 

In North Leaside there are a number of options that we will be exploring. We will then work with Transportation Services to find the best solutions to present to the community.

The same pertains to South Leaside, although we will also be exploring the extension of  Redway Rd. to offer a bypass of the community. A 1999 study indicated that Redway Rd. could provide serious traffic relief for both Southvale and McRae, which are the most heavily travelled roadways.

The key mandate of our committees will be to find strategies to reduce traffic infiltration as opposed to simply pushing existing traffic onto other streets.

It is probable that any strategies proposed will likely result in a higher level of inconvenience to the community. I believe that this is a price worth paying for increased safety. However, this is a decision that the community ultimately has to make.

Although you may not be on either of the traffic committees I encourage you to call or email any ideas or concerns that you may have.

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Jon Burnside is City Councillor for Ward 26.