How will Eglinton affect Leaside?

Eglinton Connects, developing its long-term vision for the land use and streetscape of Eglinton Ave. from Mount Dennis to Kennedy, revealed its plans at public consultation Oct. 7, 8 and 9.

How do they affect Leaside?

Most cross sections on display showed sidewalks and bike lanes on each side of the road, separated by boulevard trees, all at the height of the traditional sidewalk, while maintaining vehicle lanes.

On street parking will be maintained but in parking bays.

Density will be increased but not in a wholesale way. From east of Bayview to Laird and north of Eglinton east of Laird, the latest plans now suggest that the zoning may be adjusted, to permit some development.

The block from Laird to Brentcliffe south of Eglinton to Vanderhoof is an “area of focus,” one of six in the city especially noted for opportunities for mid-rise intensification and development.

The Eglinton Connect plans also looked at greening, including such things as greening of the trackway with groundcover, and growing great trees.

In the end there is a big question as to where the money will come from to implement the plans.

Funding from Metrolinx exists to upgrade the streets near stations but not in between the stations, so as things stand the changes in Eglinton’s streetscape will happen only where particular stretches of the corridor get redeveloped.

It is essential that improving the street occur at the same time as the LRT goes in; otherwise the new street layout may not be completed for decades.

A plan for resourcing implementation of the streestscape improvements is needed.

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