Holiday Gift Guide 2020

COVID-19 Holiday Season 2020 does not mean that I don’t want presents.

I mean, it doesn’t mean that your friends and family don’t want presents.

And what better place to shop for those presents than right in your own neighbourhood.
You don’t need to use your car to go shopping (environment), you don’t need to battle crowds in a mall (removal of stress ), and you do get to support your local retailers ().

Leaside has a myriad of amazing shopping options. Here is a small selection of the
possibilities, and don’t forget to check out more throughout the neighbourhood.


La Muse 1610 Bayview Ave.


MacFAB 1685 Bayview Ave.
The Little Dollhouse Company 862 Millwood Rd.


Sport Swap 1541 Bayview Ave.
The Chocolate Messenger 1645 Bayview Ave.


The Sleuth of Baker Street 907 Millwood Rd.


Peaches & Green 1561 Bayview Ave.


Ron White 1553 Bayview Ave.


Write Impressions 1515 Bayview Ave.


The Merchant of Tennis 1621 Bayview Ave.


Must Boutique 1575 Bayview Ave.


Cornflower Blue 1606 Bayview Ave.


Dolce & Gourmando 1493 Bayview Ave.


Tzatz 1609 Bayview Ave.


Butter Studio 1597 Bayview Ave.


The Source Menswear 1567 Bayview Ave.


Boo Boo & Lefty 1588 Bayview Ave.
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