He died on the baseball diamond

Mr. Leaside 1943-2015

David Stickney died on Monday, May 11 of heart failure at Goulding Park in North York while at a game of the girls softball team of York Mills Collegiate Institute that he helped to coach.

He was known to some as Stick (origins obvious), and to others as Tank, from both his effectiveness at blocking home plate, and as a football lineman despite his diminutive stature. He was Mr. Stickney to the generations of Leaside High students to whom he taught math. And he was Mr. Leaside to so many others.

Several hundred friends and neighbours filled the William Lea Room at Leaside Gardens on Monday, May 18 to pay their respects.

The funeral service was to be held at Leaside United Church, Monday, May 25 (after our deadline).