Great food sparks idea for fundraiser

Peter Bennett and his Leaside Rotary club were trying to think of some way to help the merchants of Bayview Ave. who are finding tough competition from new Laird developments.

Peter Bennett
Peter Bennett

What’s great about Bayview? Bennett asked himself.

The obvious answer was the great variety of restaurants and food stores.

Out popped an idea, which he called Bits and Bites on Bayview.

You can be part of it Friday, June 21 (the first day of summer) and June 22.

The club will be selling a pass and 10 to 20 coupons worth $15 in $20 packs. Participating restaurants and food stores will have items for sale from under $2 and will be reimbursed when they return the coupons to Rotary. The remaining $5 will go to a club fund to help Leasiders with emergency needs.

Merchants who are not selling food are organizing streets sales and becoming sponsors, helping to get a sign across the street and with providing entertainment that will “reinforce Bayview as a Toronto destination”.

Bennett, owner of Hearthstone Property Management on Bayview at Belsize, expects to have more than half the merchants on the street involved. And as well as helping merchants and the community, he hopes to attract more Rotary members.