Goodbye to a community champ

Ingersoll’s gain is Leaside’s loss, as our community gives a fond farewell to Rob and Jess Tremblett and family, owners and operators of the familiar red and white valu-mart on Bayview.

Tremblett and his family are moving to Ingersoll where he’s taking on another store, Your Independent Grocer.

Tremblett was known to countless local groups because of the many ways in which he supported the neighbourhood—an estimated $40,000 over six years—with sponsorships including everything from the Maurice Cody Dirt to Turf campaign to pizza lunches at Rolph Road and local hockey teams. 

His generosity extended not just to donations of money, but space, publicity and food for all varieties of local events for schools, churches, charities and sports teams—a fundraiser for the 69th Toronto Scouts, Sarah’s Food Drive, and the annual Goulash Giveaway.

During fundraising for the new hockey arena, the store donated $10,000, in addition to hosting four fundraising BBQs and prizes at the annual Laugh Out Loud event.

“Anyone operating a business in this neighbourhood has to understand the community side of it,” said Tremblett, who’s been in the grocery business 26 years. “This is a neighbourhood that notices that you are supporting them. It’s what you need to do to be successful.”

“I just want to thank everyone for their support while we served the Leaside and Davisville area,” said Tremblett, who first came to the store in March 2007.

“We made great relationships during our time serving his community. It is a fantastic area and we’ll miss everyone.”

Tremblett’s family includes three boys, ages 15, 13 and 7. Their move brings them closer to London, Ontario, where Tremblett grew up. He’s also be closer to his mother, currently fighting breast cancer.

Tremblett’s official last day with the store is Feb. 23.