Game on! It’s hockey season in Leaside


6-year-old Angus Hammill.
6-year-old Angus Hammill.

“In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

And in the fall, this young woman’s thoughts turn to love. Perhaps not the same love that Alfred, Lord Tennyson was discussing, but perhaps a more meaningful love.

Yes, hockey, that love. It’s back. And I love it all. Every game. (Obviously the best is when the Leafs beat the Habs. But I digress). Hockey is for everyone. Young kids. University kids who can only get ice time at midnight. Moms wanting to get on the ice while their kids are at school. Beer-leaguers across the country. Or those like me who can barely skate and watch from the stands or my couch.

Hockey has been played in Leaside for generations. Since the Leaside Hockey Association formed in 1952 and the Leaside Girls Hockey League (now the Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey Association) organized in 1974, kids have played great hockey, made great friends, and had fun.

This year, Leaside Life is celebrating the return to the hockey season with monthly profiles of players of all ages.

This month, we introduce you to 6-year-old Angus Hammill playing in his second year of Leaside hockey.

Angus is the youngest of three kids with sister Charlotte, brother Reed, and parents Lindsay Blakely and Anthony Hammill cheering him on.

He attends Grade 1 at Bessborough School and is playing this year with the Tyke Red team.

Angus is the quintessential youngest child in the family with a fun-loving, affectionate, and sociable personality. He loves the classic changeroom antics of making (and throwing) tape balls, and while his dad is an assistant coach with the team, he adds that he’d like his mom also to be a coach because “she’s just a good mom.”

While players at this level play all positions, Angus is happiest playing either right wing or centre and does NOT love taking his turn as a goalie. His favourite thing about playing hockey (as it is for many kids) is to score goals.

Angus is a multi-sport athlete who also swims, plays organized baseball and soccer, and loves to play basketball in his backyard.

Coach Brandon Crombeen notes that “Angus is a very coachable kid who always brings a great attitude to the rink. He is always ready to listen and push himself to improve his skills.” Angus himself points out that he loves going to practices, especially for skating drills.

While his family is passionately devoted to the Buffalo Bills, both watching their games on TV and occasionally traveling to see the team play in person, Angus also loves the Toronto Maple Leafs and proudly wears a Leafs jersey.

This year, he is very excited about an upcoming tournament in Buffalo. He notes that his mom “will probably go to Target,” but that she’ll most likely get him Buffalo Bills’ stickers. Win – win!

We wish Angus a happy and fun year on the ice (and in the changeroom throwing tape balls).

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